Server and Storage

Server and Storage A Server serves files to multiple clients on the network. A server has a large storage that stores data that is accessible when need arises.At Jambicom Technologies Ltd, we will help you identify and install the best Servers for your business Like What We Offer DO BUSINESS…
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Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN Different pieces of equipment and technology can be linked together with a central wireless hub. This can help to create networks that operate efficiently and effectively to help better support a growing business. Like What We Offer DO BUSINESS WITH US! In order to acquire our services please…
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Switches Network switches help different elements of the network interact with each other, which creates a system of communication within a network. There are different network switches available, so choosing the correct one for your business will help you cater adequately to your business needs Like What We Offer DO…
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Router Routers help to direct information and communication transfers within a business. In other words, they help send it down the right ‘route’ within an internal network. By reading the incoming data, they then send it to the appropriate destination within and between networks. There are a range of routers…
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Structured Cabling

 Cabling Cabling is perhaps the most important and most common aspect of network infrastructure. It helps provide channels and connections to transfer information and communication throughout the business as well as external to it. Without cabling, a business may struggle to operate efficiently or even function to a necessary standard,…
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