Advanced Security, Access Controls & CCTVs Systems

After investing in and building your business, the next thing to do is implement a proper security system. The following are advantages of having a good system.

  • Secure your installed systems and data from unauthorized access.
  • Keeps burglars away.
  • Regulates entry into a restricted area.
  • Gives instant security updates.

At Jambicom Technologies Ltd, we offer the  following solutions that are geared to suite  our business.

  • Firewall installation & Maintenance
  • Fire /Co Detectors/Fire suppression
  • Video surveillance/ CCTVs
  • Access Controls

(a) Smart Homes Security Systems

An automated home lets you interact and control all your integrated services. Benefit from energy management, locks, lights and thermostat controls, water sensors and other detectors devices intuitively connected to send alerts and alarms directly to laptops, tablets and smartphones.

b) Fire/ Co Detectors / Fire Suppression

Life safety systems are a critical component of the overall security for your business /home. Early warning and monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors give you the peace of mind to keep everyone safe and secure.

c) CCTVs / Video surveillance

Video surveillance is the lynchpin of safety and security. Advanced Security Systems offers the latest Internet Protocol (IP) networked cameras. There are many different types of camerasurveillance that can be specified and we make sure you have the kind that does the job you want it to. At Jambicom Technologies Ltd, we will  make a site visit of your premise and help  you identify the best camera sites, install  and help you maintain them.

d) Access Controls

Access control is expertly specified for your facility but only after a thorough site survey. Whether you want to control the outside perimeter of the facility, entrance and exits, and/or specific sensitive or high-risk areas within the business, Advanced Security Systems offers everything from card access, hands-free or wireless technology and even biometrics for high-security locations or areas within the facility.

e) Firewall Installation & Maintenance

A firewall is a computer network security system that restricts internet traffic in to, out of, or within a private network. This software or dedicated hardware-software unit functions by selectively blocking or allowing data packets. At Jambicom Technologies Ltd, we will help  you identify and install the best Firewall for  your business

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